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Even at college, you have rights in your dorm

In a college dorm, there are some rights you have as a student. While dorms have the potential to lack privacy, you still have a right to protect yourself and prevent unreasonable entry into your room or home.

Take a look at your rental agreement for campus housing. It should indicate if and when school officials or others may enter. Always keep a copy of this document nearby. Remember that colleges offer less privacy because they own the dorms and need to keep all students safe. There is a potential for random inspections, for instance, that you may have to agree to if you want to live in the dorms.

Diabetes can mimic drunk driving in emergencies

Medical emergencies can mimic drunk driving, which makes it hard for people to discern the true cause of a driver's behaviors. Sometimes, a driver might seem intoxicated, but the truth is that he or she needs medical help immediately.

One good example of this is a person with diabetes. When a person's blood sugar gets too high or low, the individual may not be able to drive or think coherently. The individual may slur his or her words, become aggressive, have seizures or even smell of alcohol. When blood sugar levels are out of the normal range, a diabetic needs help immediately.

Tips to avoid financial regret in a divorce

Considering the percentage of people who divorce here in the United States, you more than likely know of at least one person who has been through it. Once you decide to end your marriage, you will probably know more people who have divorced, since they tend to come out of the woodwork offering advice and consolation.

The odds are pretty good that more than one of them will complain about the financial settlement. This may include property division and the division of debts. This often happens because people fail to consider the real value of assets and debts, tax liabilities and properly splitting retirement accounts.

Cyclist struck and seriously injured in Lincoln

When you go cycling, you know that you have the same rights as anyone else on the roads. Despite that, you're at a higher risk of being injured. Drivers may not see you as easily on your bike, and even though you have the same rules as them, some may believe it's up to you to yield to them.

Other drivers are simply reckless, putting everyone at risk regardless of the vehicles they use. A man was stuck in Lincoln by a suspected drunk driver, someone who proves this point. The news reports that the man and a group of cyclists were traveling back to their vehicles at approximately 10:00 p.m., near A and 33rd street. The group, made up of approximately 15 riders, stopped for a red light. When it turned green, the leader went first through the intersection where he was struck by a driver who ran the red light.

Field sobriety tests: Not the breath test you're expecting

Field sobriety tests are used to determine if a person is intoxicated or suffering from the influences of a medication or drug. If the individual is unable to drive due to intoxication, he or she could be arrested or charged with a crime.

Field sobriety tests, known as roadside tests, aren't the same as a Breathalyzer test, even though many people think they are all done together. These tests typically come before the breath test and are performed in a three-part series.

Choosing adoption: Cost doesn't have to deter you

A forever family is important for children without a home. Adoptive families have the ability to create an environment where a child can thrive while building their own family. There are several steps during the adoption process of which you need to be aware. Perhaps one of the most important is determining the type of adoption you'd like to pursue.

Typically, there are domestic and international adoptions. Within the United States, adoptions may be private or through a public agency. Foster care adoptions tend to be the least expensive, while international or foreign adoptions could be extremely expensive and require travel.

Truck driver cited for death of teen in Nebraska

Imagine riding with your friends in a vehicle. You're traveling with traffic and slow for stopped cars up ahead. Just a few moments later, you're being thrown forward in the vehicle as another strikes you from behind.

This happens all too often, even though it's a type of accident that is completely preventable. Drivers need to pay attention to the road at all times to avoid collisions like this, especially due to the potentially serious injuries they could cause. With an impact possible on multiple sides of the vehicle, the people inside are more likely to be badly injured or killed.

You can party hardy without landing in jail

Are you winding down your summer vacation by partying with friends as often as possible? Many Nebraska residents welcome in the month of September in similar fashion. Whether you put some hot dogs on the grill for pre-season NFL games or drive to the nearest lake for an end-of-summer picnic under the sun, it's always nice to gather with loved ones and friends to enjoy some rest and relaxation. You may notice that party foods always taste especially good when consumed alongside festive beverages.

The problem is that many summer time social beverages include alcohol as an ingredient. That alone is not the problem; however, if you down a few umbrella drinks then get behind the wheel or car to drive, letting the good times roll may quickly become trying to forget the worst summer of your life.

Why would you need an attorney for a truck accident claim?

If you've been involved in a crash with a truck, you may want to know if having an attorney is necessary. You can always call the insurance company and work out a settlement on your own, right?

That's true, but it can be a bad idea. Some insurance companies will make a low settlement offer just to resolve the situation, even though it's not an amount that is fair to you. For that reason, having an attorney negotiate for you can end up winning you even more compensation than you expected.

Farming families less likely to divorce

If you live and work on a farm, you know that it can be a stressful field. Agriculture varies with the weather and the economic stress that could be caused in a bad year is a high risk. One question some people who work in agriculture end up asking is if they can really live in a happy marriage so long as their lives are filled with so much risk taking.

Prior to the Farm Crisis of the 1980s, statistics showed that those married and engaging in farming were less likely to get divorced. However, after the crisis, divorce among farming families rose to a similar level of nonfarming families. At that time, around 40 percent of all marriages ended in divorce.