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Farming families less likely to divorce

If you live and work on a farm, you know that it can be a stressful field. Agriculture varies with the weather and the economic stress that could be caused in a bad year is a high risk. One question some people who work in agriculture end up asking is if they can really live in a happy marriage so long as their lives are filled with so much risk taking.

When the prenuptial agreement hurts: Farming in America

You love taking care of your farm, but now that you're getting a divorce, there could be a problem. You may not have known this, but in marriages where there is a business, around 75 percent end in divorce. The high stress of running a farm could be the reason behind yours, or there could be other causes.

What you need to know about filing for divorce in Nebraska

When you need to file for a divorce in Nebraska and have children, you may think the process will be drawn out. Fortunately, there are situations where it doesn't have to be a long, extended process. If you have no custody or property disputes, it's possible to have a simplified case where your attorney represents you for only part of your divorce.

4 things to do when your spouse says he or she wants a divorce

One of the first things people do after learning their spouse wants a divorce is to start panicking. Fears about post-divorce finances, an ugly legal dispute, child custody, and property division can race through your mind and make it all but impossible to realistically and logically assess your situation.