No matter how anxious you feel right now, the legal professionals at McHenry Haszard can transform your legal dilemma, no matter how complex. Is your problem time sensitive? Do you feel like your ‘iceberg is melting’? Shortly after you call McHenry Haszard, you will hear back from a legal professional.

Tailored Legal Guidance Throughout Civil And Criminal Matters

At McHenry Haszard Law, we provide our clients with a legal team that is led by attorneys holding more than a century of combined legal experience and a firm that has been in practice for more than 35 years. This experience isn't had in just one narrow area: It is held across a wide range of practice areas. As a result of this experience, our attorneys understand the law, not just as it exists in the books, but as it is really practiced in the real world.

We tailor all of our legal advice according to each client's unique situation. Our legal opinions anticipate how the law is practiced in Southeast Nebraska by our judges and by our opposing counsel. In this way, we help our clients understand which legal arguments will best serve them in their own specific circumstances and which ones won't.

Proactive Assistance With Complicated Personal And Business Legal Issues

Our firm represents clients in civil and criminal matters alike. In civil matters, our clients include people facing personal family matters as well as people planning out complicated future business law arrangements. Our criminal representation includes DWI matters as well.

Whatever the case, we have structured our firm so as to maximize its capacity and flexibility. Our firm knows how to help you proactively manage the many issues that arise in complicated business matters and emotionally complex personal cases.

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Our Testimonials

  1. There is no greater compliment than knowing our clients are happy with the services we provide. The following comments are from our actual clients:

    Linsey handled our adoption. My husband wanted to adopt my son who had abandoned him. Linsey was excellent and was very thorough in everything. She was great explaining things to us and was very patient ...
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A Fully Staffed Legal Team To Support Your Legal Needs

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