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Knowledge can be thought of as illumination; when you understand something, you see it in a brighter, more vivid light. Light enables your actions to become more effective, your recommendations more professional, and your outcomes more lasting.

The purpose of the information on this part of the McHenry Haszard web site is to help colleagues and other professionals by shedding light on the following technical topics:

McHenry Haszard Law
1220 Lincoln Mall
Suite 250
Lincoln, NE 68508
Phone: 402-858-4263
Toll Free : 800-231-3624
Fax: 402-476-2301
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With heavy hearts, we mourn the loss of John M. McHenry. John, the founder of our firm, was a cherished husband, father, grandfather, friend, colleague, mentor and leader. Please join us in offering friends and family of John our deepest condolences. He will be forever missed. Click here to view John’s obituary.

McHenry Haszard’s experience enables them to evaluate your situation and provide advice that will give you a sense of stability in turbulent situations. Learn More +