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Even at college, you have rights in your dorm

In a college dorm, there are some rights you have as a student. While dorms have the potential to lack privacy, you still have a right to protect yourself and prevent unreasonable entry into your room or home.

Take a look at your rental agreement for campus housing. It should indicate if and when school officials or others may enter. Always keep a copy of this document nearby. Remember that colleges offer less privacy because they own the dorms and need to keep all students safe. There is a potential for random inspections, for instance, that you may have to agree to if you want to live in the dorms.

Another thing to remember is that not all colleges or campuses deal with dormitories in the same way. What is allowed in one may not be allowed in another. Take time to get to know the rules, and try to befriend those who are around you. Doing so can help you mitigate damage if something goes wrong.

In the event that someone does want to enter your room, you can refuse or request that he or she waits until your legal representative is present. Be familiar with the rules about when a person can or cannot enter and what you can do if you want to stop the entry.

If there is an unreasonable search in your dormitory that leads to a discovery of evidence against you, you can fight back. It's not fair to have people use items against you when they had no right to obtain those pieces of evidence in the first place.

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