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Tractor-trailer driver charged in fatal truck accident

It is an indisputable fact that commercial trucks are an important part of this country's economy. Without them, the transportation of goods around the nation would be much more difficult and costly. However, these trucks can still pose significant risk to others that share the road with them, especially during a truck accident. The recent death of a woman here in Nebraska only highlights that reality. 

Nebraska State Police made several DWI arrests during holidays

Anyone who has ever faced criminal charges relating to intoxicated driving knows all too well how it can change someone's life. Even if a person manages to avoid jail time, a driving while intoxicated conviction can have a ripple effect across a person's entire life, both immediately and in the future. Those facing DWI or DUI charges must consider criminal defense strategy to give themselves the best chance at minimizing the impact on their lives. Law enforcement takes intoxicated driving seriously, as evidenced by the recent efforts of the Nebraska State Patrol to stop drunk driving over the winter holidays

What property will you have to give up during your divorce?

One of the primary concerns a person may have during divorce is what will happen to his or her stuff. If you are facing the likelihood of your marriage ending, you also probably have concerns about what this means for your financial well-being and economic standing in the future. It is crucial to secure a final order that allows you to have stability and security for the duration.

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