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Police still investigating cause of fatal motor vehicle accident

Though most motorists take care to follow safety protocol while driving, car crashes still happen every day. Though sometimes these accidents are simply just accidents, there are other times when the negligence of another driver is to blame. When a motor vehicle accident proves fatal, families of victims may wonder how such a thing could happen and whether anything may have changed the outcome. This is what Nebraska police are attempting to determine after a recent crash left one dead and another with serious injuries.

Girl's entire 3rd grade class attends her adoption

There are so many ways to have a family. Some people decide to have children through the miracle of adoption, which is a beautiful choice, but can also be complex. Fortunately, there are professionals to help prospective parents here in Nebraska through every stage of adoption. The recent story of one young girl's adoption that was attended by 110 students from her elementary school shows just how supportive communities can be of this rewarding process.

Driver may need DWI defense after crash with cyclist

Having a DWI on one's record can affect a person's life in numerous ways. Besides criminal consequences, there is often a great deal of stigma associated with a drunk driving conviction. That is why it is so important for those accused of DWI and these types of crimes to have a strong criminal defense strategy. One Nebraska man may need just that after authorities claim that he was drunk and struck a bicyclist with his truck.

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