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Relationship misconceptions could lead to marital issues

Relationships are hard. From the beginning of your marriage to the point at which you decided to end it, you likely felt every hardship along the way. Many people feel this way, and while you likely hoped that your relationship was different, marriages that once seemed so perfect could easily show cracks and damage after a time.

Avoid these things to help your kids through divorce

No one knows your children better than you do. This is why you likely feel most capable of making decisions in their best interests as you navigate the divorce process. Even if you may not have seen the divorce coming, you're a realist, and you may have explained to your kids that although their lives are about to change, that does not mean their lives will be ruined. From speaking to friends who have gone through similar experiences, you've learned that all children adapt to post-divorce lifestyles in their own, unique ways.  

What is going to happen to your property during your divorce?

The end of your marriage will initiate major life changes in virtually every area of your life. It will certainly affect your finances, and you may have serious concerns over what will happen to your personal property. If you are facing a divorce, you may find it beneficial to have a full understanding of how the property division process works before you proceed.

Stepparent adoption can bring stability to a child's life

You may never have imagined yourself adopting a child. Maybe you assumed you would have biological children, or you simply never saw in yourself the potential for being a parent. Then you met someone who had a child, and as your love for the parent grew, so did your love for the child.

Which losses can I recover after my car accident?

Are you dealing with extra expenses and financial losses that you cannot manage on your own after a car accident in Nebraska? Even a minor collision can have an expensive impact on your life, leaving you with medical bills and other losses. The financial effect of your accident can be significant, but it is not a burden you have to carry alone. Depending on the details of your individual situation, it may be possible recover some of your losses.

Good night, sleep tight, unless you're driving at the time

If you've ever been driving along a Nebraska highway only to have a tractor-trailer barrel up behind you or cut you off at an exit, you understand how utterly frightening such situations can be. If you've been a licensed driver for any length of time, you've likely made a mistake or two behind the wheel, perhaps just making it through a yellow light or taking a bend too wide, etc.

What to do with investment properties during divorce

Over the past years, you and your spouse have successfully intertwined your lives by having children, blending finances and purchasing property. While combining these elements may make for a good marriage, they do not make for a very good divorce. In fact, you may already realize how complicated it can be to divide assets when you and your spouse own so many things jointly.

Tips to avoid financial regret in a divorce

Considering the percentage of people who divorce here in the United States, you more than likely know of at least one person who has been through it. Once you decide to end your marriage, you will probably know more people who have divorced, since they tend to come out of the woodwork offering advice and consolation.

You can party hardy without landing in jail

Are you winding down your summer vacation by partying with friends as often as possible? Many Nebraska residents welcome in the month of September in similar fashion. Whether you put some hot dogs on the grill for pre-season NFL games or drive to the nearest lake for an end-of-summer picnic under the sun, it's always nice to gather with loved ones and friends to enjoy some rest and relaxation. You may notice that party foods always taste especially good when consumed alongside festive beverages.

A fake ID is not a rite of passage

In a matter of weeks, your child will be heading off to college. Whether that means a short drive to the University of Nebraska or a trip to another state, the thought of your child leaving home may be filling you with a mixture of nostalgia and glee. You likely have your concerns as well.

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