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Do the holidays cause people to get a divorce?

The reasons for getting a divorce are nearly as varied as the people who have them. When experts talk with couples about why they chose to get a divorce, there are often multiple reasons, including financial disagreements or infidelity. There is one factor that professionals say often contributes to a divorce that many people may be surprised to learn. Apparently, the holiday season can be a catalyst, as many people in Nebraska and elsewhere file for divorce after the new year.

Adoption of older children is a beautiful way to build a family

November is National Adoption Awareness month, which is meant to raise awareness of a nontraditional, but wonderful, way to create a family. While adoption of any child is an amazing choice for a Nebraska family to make, one organization hopes to encourage families to consider adopting older children. Many times, young children get adopted very quickly, but children who are older may not. One family from out of state shared their story with the world, and they hope to inspire others to open their hearts.

Is it better for couples to sleep separately?

Most couples in Nebraska choose to express intimacy by sharing a bed with one another. However, the New York Times reports that, according to one survey, approximately one-fourth of all couples choose to sleep separately. However, this perceived unwillingness to share is not necessarily a signal that the relationship is in trouble. Most of these couples choose to sleep apart from one another to avoid sleep disruptions that may result from a spouse's restlessness or differing sleep schedule. In fact, some couples report that their relationship is stronger and more solid because of the decision to sleep apart. In another poll, almost half of the participants, 46%, expressed a wish to try sleeping apart from their spouses. 

Financial problems for women divorcing after 50

It likely comes as no surprise to anyone in Nebraska that a divorce can be a difficult financial experience. The process of splitting up a marital pool of assets coupled with the fact that it costs more money to support two households on the same income that previously supported only one household can leave each spouse wondering how they can get their financial lives back on track. For people who get divorced after the age of 50, it seems that the problem can be even worse - especially if they are female. 

Economics, gender and divorce

Most people in Nebraska know someone who has gotten a divorce as it is no longer an unusual experience in today's society. However, many people may wonder what factors could potentially contribute to a couple's divorce or to a successful marriage. There is likely no one reason that some marriages stay together and others come to end but various researchers do watch for trends that may provide clues.

Family law and taxes

When Nebraska couples are filing for divorce, they are often so focused on child custody and the division of assets that taxes fall by the wayside. In spite of this, taxes remain one of the most important and least understood aspects of the divorce process. Because of this, couples should plan ahead for various aspects of their finances that will be affected by the divorce.

How can you make joint custody work?

Nebraskan residents like you and your ex-spouse have your own unique family dynamic. Because of this, advice that applies to one family might not really work for you, and vice-versa. However, there are some hurdles you are bound to come across regardless of your situation or dynamic. Today, we'll examine a hurdle related to joint custody.

What are the father's rights in an adoption?

If you are a father and the mother of your child wants to put him or her up for adoption in Nebraska, it is essential that you understand your rights in this situation. It can get complex because your rights rely on different circumstances of the situation. You need to determine your legal rights to the child to begin understanding your legal rights in an adoption.

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