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Providing The Experienced, Personalized Service You Deserve

At McHenry Haszard Law, we understand that our cases are not about technical rules and regulations. Our cases are about people.

Comprehensive Representation For A Wide Array Of Legal Needs

We know that our clients come to us needing a wide variety of legal services. For that reason, we maintain an office that can provide skillful services that are responsive to the needs of clients in large and small cases, civil and criminal, personal and business.

Our philosophy of practice means that we keep our firm structured so we can provide fully staffed, personalized services to all of our clients. Everyone at McHenry Haszard Law understands that the foundation of any case is the relationship between the firm and the client.

As a result, we work hard to promptly communicate with all clients regarding their cases. Our goal is always to develop relationships that are both successful and long-term. We want our clients to come to us for our advice whenever they have legal questions, not just when our attorneys are working on a specific case for them.

Our experienced legal team holds more than a century of legal experience and our firm has been in practice for more than 35 years. We understand the legal terrain of Southeast Nebraska, who the judges and opposing lawyers are, and what legal arguments are successful in some situations, but not in others. Our personalized approach means that we can take all of those matters into account when advising you on your questions.

Discuss Your Legal Matter With Our Lawyers

Potential clients can call McHenry Haszard Law in Lincoln at 402-858-4263 to schedule an initial consultation. You can also contact our firm online. All communications between our firm and potential clients remain entirely confidential.