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Posts tagged "Car Accidents"

Drowsy drivers have no place on the road

Approximately 60 percent of adult drivers polled in 2005 reported that they drove while drowsy. In 2010, a poll showed that 4 percent of adults admitted to falling asleep behind the wheel at least once in the last 30 days. A study in 2016 showed that drivers become more dangerous with each hour of sleep they lose, becoming just as deadly as a drunk driver when they miss enough sleep.

47-year-old father dies after pedestrian collision

Hit-and-run accidents are horrifying. The driver leaves the scene despite knowingly leaving someone there with injuries. Family members or witnesses are left to try to decide how to best handle the tragic incident that just took place. In some cases, the delay in getting care or calling for help can mean the difference between life and death.

Cyclist struck and seriously injured in Lincoln

When you go cycling, you know that you have the same rights as anyone else on the roads. Despite that, you're at a higher risk of being injured. Drivers may not see you as easily on your bike, and even though you have the same rules as them, some may believe it's up to you to yield to them.