Know-How To Take On Your Toughest Legal Challenges

Skilled Representation For A Wide Array Of Legal Matters

The entire firm of McHenry Haszard Law works diligently to provide clients with skilled and professional legal representation across a complete range of practice areas. Our firm maintains a legal team equipped to meet the needs of cases both large and small, civil and criminal, personal and business, such as:

Prioritizing Strong, Long-Term Client Relationships

In doing so, we offer our clients the benefit of more than a century of combined legal experience and a firm that has been in practice for more than 35 years. Our firm’s lawyers have legal judgment that has been tried and tested both in and out of the courtroom.

As a result, we understand the legal terrain of Southeast Nebraska. We know who the judges are, who opposing counsel is, and what legal arguments they might find persuasive or not.

This experience means that we know how to provide clients with the individualized attention their cases require. We know how to tailor our legal guidance to those individualized legal needs both effectively and efficiently.

Ultimately, we know that a strong case depends on a strong relationship with our clients. We approach each matter with the intention of creating long-term relationships so our clients know, when they have a legal problem, that they have someone knowledgeable to turn to for sound advice.

Learn How We Can Address Your Unique Needs

Potential clients can call our firm in Lincoln at 402-858-4263 to schedule an initial consultation with one of our experienced attorneys. You can also contact our Nebraska firm online. All communications between our firm and potential clients remain entirely confidential.