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Advocating For A More Efficient, Collaborative Resolution

Many civil cases are resolved through negotiation and settlement, rather than trial. Mediation is usually quicker, less expensive and gives the parties a higher degree of satisfaction with the outcome of the conflict than litigation.

Mediation is a process in which parties to a dispute meet with a neutral person called a mediator, to openly and candidly discuss settlement options and negotiate with the goal of resolving the dispute.

The mediator is not a judge, or a decision maker, but an impartial person selected by the parties to facilitate a discussion of the issues with a view to find areas of agreement. The mediator is usually an attorney who is agreed to by both sides. A settlement or resolution of the dispute can happen only if all parties to the dispute agree to the settlement.  Our team at McHenry Haszard Lawin Lincoln is accomplished at reaching resolution through mediation.

Experienced, Certified Mediators Ready To Assist

Our attorneys are trained, certified and experienced as mediators. As attorneys who are experienced in personal injury and other types of civil cases, we are prepared to assist. The attorneys on our team have mediated dozens of cases and also represented parties in cases mediated by others. We always seek to create win-win solutions.

Discuss Your Mediation Needs With Our Team

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