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Nebraska spouses can sometimes adopt their stepchildren

Adopting a stepchild can be a deeply meaningful experience for the parent and child. Also, the legal and financial rights and responsibilities taken on by the adopting stepparent last forever and change everything. Like almost everyone, your circumstances are probably special. Let’s clear the air and clear the path for your next steps in adopting your spouse’s children.

Do you get to keep the family farm in a divorce?

You wake up before the sun rises and know the sound of whirring tractors, the smell of manure and the mooing of your cows well. Your family has lived on this Nebraska farm for generations, and you've finally inherited it. You feel grateful your children can have a similar childhood to yours.

However, your pending divorce brings uncertainty and anxieties to the farm, as you may wonder if your ex-spouse has any claim to it. The farm is more than just the land and buildings. It's the machinery you use, the livestock you raise and the crops you grow. Could your ex-spouse reap the financial benefits of your hard work in the fields and your time spent caring for the animals? Your farm consists of many assets and losing one could greatly affect its operation and success.

What are some common Nebraska traffic violation points?

The amount of points added to your Nebraska driver's license depends on the violation. Although fines for offenses vary, they share a similar cost structure. If you're cited for driving up to five mph over the speed limit, you might get a point on your driving record. Over 35 mph above the legal limit? That's four points (or more for reckless driving).

The Nebraska DMV recommends reviewing your driving record on an annual or biannual basis. You can obtain your Nebraska driving record a few different ways:

Is it better for couples to sleep separately?

Most couples in Nebraska choose to express intimacy by sharing a bed with one another. However, the New York Times reports that, according to one survey, approximately one-fourth of all couples choose to sleep separately. However, this perceived unwillingness to share is not necessarily a signal that the relationship is in trouble. Most of these couples choose to sleep apart from one another to avoid sleep disruptions that may result from a spouse's restlessness or differing sleep schedule. In fact, some couples report that their relationship is stronger and more solid because of the decision to sleep apart. In another poll, almost half of the participants, 46%, expressed a wish to try sleeping apart from their spouses. 

Your spouse's tendency to snore or commandeer the covers may make it more difficult for you to get a restful night's sleep. This can put undue stress on you. As a result, you may become more irritable and more likely to provoke conflicts with your partner. Eliminating the disturbances by sleeping in a separate bed, or even in a separate room, may allow you to get the sleep you need and lower your levels of the stress hormone cortisol. As a result, you may feel less resentment and irritability, which may mean less conflict with your spouse. 

Nebraska multi-vehicle accident kills two children

An accident last Wednesday morning in Omaha, Nebraska, temporarily closed a highway, sent six people to the hospital and claimed the lives of two children. The accident is still under investigation and details are sketchy, but authorities report that the crash involved four vehicles altogether. 

One of the two children who died was a 10-year-old boy, the other a 16-year-old girl. Both were public school students in Omaha. In response, the school district released a statement expressing condolences to the family and confirming that crisis teams would be available to students and staff affected by the news. 

Misdemeanor and felony DWI charges in Nebraska

If you are like most people in Nebraska, you know that the state has very tough laws about and strict consequences for driving while intoxicated offenses. Anyone charged with drunk driving may find themselves facing both criminal and civil penalties. The exact type of criminal charge can vary based upon a few factors. One of these factors is the driver's blood alcohol content at the time of their arrest. Another factor is whether or not a person has been convicted of any drunk driving offenses previously.

According to the Nebraska Legislature, most first and second DWI offenses in the state are misdemeanors. For first offenses regardless of BAC and second offenses with BAC levels below 0.15%, the charge may be a Class W misdemeanor. For a second offense with a BAC of 0.15% or greater, the charge may be a Class I misdemeanor. 

Divorce after 60: Some things you might not have thought about

Divorce is common in people of all ages. When a person over the age of 50 gets divorced, it is often referred to as "gray divorce." Today, it seems to be a growing trend. Between 1990 and 2010, the divorce rate for people over 50 has doubled and dissolving marriage after the age of 60 is increasing as well. Let's look at some of the issue they face.

If you are 60 or older and you are considering getting a divorce, there are a few things that you should know first.

How can you avoid construction zone accidents?

Summer is the time when the weather in Nebraska is most favorable for road construction projects. Therefore, drivers are most likely to encounter construction areas during this time of year. You may regard the modifications to your routine that road construction requires to be a minor annoyance. Nevertheless, work areas on city streets and state highways can also pose a potentially serious hazard. 

The Federal Highway Administration reports that work zone crashes in the United States over the last five years have resulted in injuries in more than 200,000 individuals as well as 4,400 deaths. Eighty-five percent of those deaths were occupants of a vehicle, either a passenger or driver, but some of those injured or killed were construction workers. In the interest of keeping everyone safe during these inconvenient but necessary road projects, the FWHA offers the following safety tips. 

Financial problems for women divorcing after 50

It likely comes as no surprise to anyone in Nebraska that a divorce can be a difficult financial experience. The process of splitting up a marital pool of assets coupled with the fact that it costs more money to support two households on the same income that previously supported only one household can leave each spouse wondering how they can get their financial lives back on track. For people who get divorced after the age of 50, it seems that the problem can be even worse - especially if they are female. 

According to Yahoo Finance, many refer to a divorce after 50 as a gray divorce, in reference to the commonly graying hair of people at this stage of life. At a minimum, it has been found that a person should be prepared for their wealth to drop by as much as 50% when they get divorced in their 50s, 60s or beyond. Lifestyles also take a significant dip but that dip is significantly more noticeable for women than for men.

How should I approach job hunting after a DWI?

Despite the negative stereotypes that still seem to exist regarding people arrested for drunk driving, many people in Nebraska know someone who falls into this situation. In fact, you may even have been pulled over by an officer and eventually charged with a driving while intoxicated offense. It is easier than most people believe to be above the legal limit for impairment. This experience, however, should not be the thing that prevents you from getting your next new job. 

As explained by the Houston Chronicle, you should take a very proactive approach to your job search when you know you have a blemish on your record. This should start by you conducting a background check on yourself. This will allow you to see exactly what a prospective employer may see, enabling you to be prepared to discuss the information more appropriately because you should be prepared to discuss it at some point.

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