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Motor vehicle accident involving semi truck leaves 1 dead

Semi-trucks or tractor-trailers are a large part of the transportation of goods around Nebraska and the entire nation. As necessary as they are, they can also pose a danger to motorists in smaller vehicles who share the road with them. When people get into a motor vehicle accident with a large truck, they are at a higher risk of injury or fatality due to the size of these vehicles. This may be what happened to one person in a recent crash that involved a semi-truck.

Law enforcement says that the crash happened on a recent morning at the intersection of two state highways. A southbound semi hauling chickens apparently struck a northbound sedan. Police also say that the sedan was attempting to turn left at the time of the collision.

A drunk driving conviction can cost you dearly

With the start of the holiday season, you may already have a calendar full of parties and get-togethers for the coming weeks. Between family, friends and co-workers, you may have more festivities than you can handle. Many of these activities will offer alcoholic beverages, and you will want to use good sense, especially if you are driving.

Driving after drinking is extremely dangerous. In an average year, 10,000 people or more die in drunk driving accidents. This is why Nebraska and other states have strict laws and penalties related to drunk driving. Perhaps you are already facing charges for DWI. If so, you would be wise to begin building a strong defense since the consequences of a conviction can be devastating personally and financially.

4 tips for drinking more responsibly

Whether you have Christmas parties to attend or are already getting excited for New Year's Eve, you will likely get together with friends and family as the year starts coming to a close. In addition to thinking of resolutions and goals for the coming year, you may also be thinking of the fun you want to have before closing out 2019.

If some of your fun will involve consuming alcohol, you certainly want to do so responsibly. If you have found yourself having a bit too much to drink at parties in the past or giving in to peer pressure to drink more than you intended, you may want to work on ways to moderate your drinking or at least have a responsible drinking plan in place.

Your DWI and its potential impact on your car insurance

A criminal charge can affect your life in many ways. There are potential penalties you may face that can include time behind bars and expensive fines. If you are facing charges of drunk driving, a conviction can bring penalties that may include loss of your driving privileges as well. No matter your criminal history or the charges you are facing, a strong defense strategy is important.

A DWI conviction will leave a mark on your criminal record. In addition to the criminal penalties that can come from this type of charge, there are other ways that this can deeply impact your life, including ongoing child custody disputes, job applications and more. It can also impact your bottom line in the form of increased insurance rates.

Fatal motor vehicle accidents rising in Nebraska

There are times that a car crash may be just a small inconvenience, but when it results in a loss of life, it can have a ripple effect across the lives of the victim's family members. Vehicle manufactures, lawmakers and other experts have found many ways to reduce the chances that motor vehicle accidents will prove fatal, though unfortunately, they cannot eliminate collisions altogether. Still, fatal crash rates across the country have gone down thanks to their efforts. Here in Nebraska, some recent and troubling statistics were recently released that seem to contradict that idea, and experts are concerned about what it may mean for families across the state.

The American Automobile Association found that the number of people who have died in a car crash, as of Dec. 17, 2019, is 240. When it compared that figure with the average of the previous five years, from 2014-2018, it discovered that it is an increase of 18 people. That means deaths for this year are already 8% higher than the average number for the past five years.

Do the holidays cause people to get a divorce?

The reasons for getting a divorce are nearly as varied as the people who have them. When experts talk with couples about why they chose to get a divorce, there are often multiple reasons, including financial disagreements or infidelity. There is one factor that professionals say often contributes to a divorce that many people may be surprised to learn. Apparently, the holiday season can be a catalyst, as many people in Nebraska and elsewhere file for divorce after the new year.

One survey revealed that divorce filings went up by a third after the holiday season had ended. Other experts say these types of findings do not surprise them. They say that the pressures that families often place on themselves to have a happy holiday can, ironically, be very stressful. There are often disagreements about the financial aspects of the holidays, and each spouse may have different expectations regarding how they think the holiday should go.

Man facing charges in fatal dump truck accident

When a motor vehicle accident happens, it is never a good thing. However, it can be particularly upsetting when it results in the loss of life. Families of the victims may wonder how such a thing could have happened and whether there was anything that might have prevented the crash. This could be what one Nebraska family is going through after authorities say that a man driving a dump truck without a proper license is to blame for a truck accident that took the lives of two children.

According to police, the accident happened recently on a state highway. They say that the man was driving a dump truck hauling a load of boulders and that he struck a minivan. A 16-year-old girl and a 10-year-old boy died and three other people had to be rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Multiple car accidents due to ice over Thanksgiving weekend

For many families, the recent holiday weekend meant traveling by car to be with loved ones. Some of those families here in Nebraska were also unfortunate enough to experience a car accident. Multiple law enforcement agencies reported that there was a spike in accidents due to icy road conditions. Lincoln itself saw around 20 crashes on Thanksgiving night alone.

Several areas around the state experienced freezing rain, causing roads to ice over. Some areas had black ice, making the ice was difficult to see on the roadways. Under those circumstances, some motorists may not realize they need to exercise extra caution. One woman was rushed to a nearby hospital after being in a crash involving five cars. Local authorities had to shut down part of the roadway as they dealt with the incident.

Driving tips: Avoid motor vehicle accidents this winter

Cooler weather can be a welcome respite for many people who dislike the summer heat. However, winter can also bring its own problems, especially for Nebraska motorists. Icy roads and snowfall can make driving difficult for anyone. Fortunately, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has advice for those who want to avoid getting into motor vehicle accidents during the winter months.

The NHTSA says that the main thing to consider is preparation. Everyone should have their car checked by a trusted mechanic to prevent potential problems before they happen. It also recommends ensuring that people pack their car with items that may be needed during the winter, such as ice scrapers, jumper cables, flashlights, flares and other similar equipment. Other things people may not think about having in their car that can be helpful include cat litter for increased traction, blankets or warm clothing, and even food and water.

Adoption of older children is a beautiful way to build a family

November is National Adoption Awareness month, which is meant to raise awareness of a nontraditional, but wonderful, way to create a family. While adoption of any child is an amazing choice for a Nebraska family to make, one organization hopes to encourage families to consider adopting older children. Many times, young children get adopted very quickly, but children who are older may not. One family from out of state shared their story with the world, and they hope to inspire others to open their hearts.

The adoptive parents first started to foster a brother and sister, aged 15 and 17, who had been in the foster care system for four years. The two siblings were, coincidentally, the first and only children that the parents fostered. They have all been a family for two years now. The parents say though they understand why people may initially want to adopt a baby instead of a teenager, it can still be an amazing experience. The family has taken several vacations together and shared brand new experiences with the teens.

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