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Why do judges accept plea bargains?

When you're facing a criminal charge, one thing you should understand is what happens if you take a plea deal. Plea bargaining is a major part of the United States criminal justice system. It's there to help reduce the time and cost of a trial, to avoid publicity, to eliminate uncertainty about the case's outcome and to reduce the overall caseload of the court system.

Plea bargains have benefits and downsides. For instance, if someone is innocent, taking a plea deal may feel like admitting to something he or he didn't do. However, plea deals do give them the opportunity to walk away with fewer or no long-term repercussions in some cases. So, if they're unable to prove their innocence and there is evidence against them, it could be a good choice for their case.

Don't overlook the pros and cons of a prenuptial agreement

One thing that many people talk about before a marriage is whether a prenuptial agreement is a good idea, or the right idea, for their marriage. For some, asking for a prenuptial agreement may signify that they don't trust their partners, but that shouldn't be the case. In fact, a prenuptial agreement can protect both parties and should be used to do so.

There are benefits and downsides to seeking a prenuptial agreement. Before you decide if one is the best choice for your marriage, consider the following.

Technology can help reduce the number of drowsy drivers

Technology has its perks, and keeping dangerous drivers off the roads might be one of them. Today, federal guidelines require truck drivers to have electronic devices installed in their vehicles. These devices track their total work hours, helping prevent drivers from working too many hours in a week.

The goal of the new regulations is to keep tired drivers off the roads. Presently, drivers may work no more than 14 hours in one day and have a total limit of 11 hours behind the wheel during that time.

Divorce Day is on the horizon: Here's what you should know

Although it's a kitschy name, Divorce Day is coming up fast. What is Divorce Day? It's the single day of the year when the most divorce cases are started with attorneys. It's the Monday following Christmas break, a time when the holidays are over and people can finally start getting back to their normal activities. For some, that means getting a divorce.

The first few days of the new year are the busiest in terms of divorce for attorneys. Some see as many as three times the normal inquiries. Why? Many people wait for the start of a new year or avoid filing until after the holidays to make things easier.

Avoid a DUI this holiday season with these tips

Hundreds of people lose their lives every year because of drunk drivers. The national average each year just in the week between Christmas and the New Year is 500 fatalities related to drunk driving. The sad part about this is that nearly all of those incidents could have been avoided.

There are several ways to help prevent drunk driving crashes, so you and your loved ones get home safe and help others get home safe, too. Here are a few things to remember.

Good night, sleep tight, unless you're driving at the time

If you've ever been driving along a Nebraska highway only to have a tractor-trailer barrel up behind you or cut you off at an exit, you understand how utterly frightening such situations can be. If you've been a licensed driver for any length of time, you've likely made a mistake or two behind the wheel, perhaps just making it through a yellow light or taking a bend too wide, etc.

However, it's understandable that if you were to consistently drive while exhausted, let's say, someone may call your behavior careless. Many commercial truck collisions occur when drivers are fatigued. You obviously can't check to make sure every motorist in your vicinity has had a proper night's sleep. Gaining better understanding of what types of factors place you most at risk for collision may help you avert disaster. It also helps to know where to seek support if a crash does occur.

Crash results in death of 86-year-old woman in Nebraska

In most states, texting and driving is illegal. Even if it isn't, being distracted behind the wheel is. If a driver isn't paying attention, he or she puts others at risk. That's a risk they shouldn't be forcing others to take.

Unfortunately, some drivers do make the mistake of texting, and it costs others their lives. This story discusses a woman who received a text just moments before she hit another person as she drove. According to the news report, the crash took place in June when the 24-year-old woman was driving down Burlington Street. It was around 5:01 p.m., when she received a text; at 5:02 p.m., she was in a crash with a pedestrian crossing West 7th Avenue.

The holidays can still be good during a divorce with proper plans

The holidays can be hard on parents when they're in a loving relationship, but when a divorce is involved, it's a whole different situation. What was once a time to bond with their children could become a time to use their children against one another. This should never happen, but it can and does.

The holidays are a tumultuous time because both parents want to spend time with their children during limited holiday events. For example, Christmas Day is only one day. It may be impossible for both parents to have the child that day, which is why it becomes a problem. The holidays become challenging because both people want to make the memories that count.

20-year-old man faces 74 years in prison for 3 charges

A single crime can change your life in an instant. For college-aged young adults, making poor decisions in their youth could lead to a lifetime behind bars. Take for example this situation involving a student.

A student at the University of Nebraska is facing a third charge after being accused of stealing a diamond ring from a woman in September. The 20-year-old man was charged with using a firearm to commit a felony. He previously had charges placed against him for first-degree forgery and felony robbery related to the same incident.

You can pursue compensation after a truck accident

There are many reasons why people crash, but when it comes down to it, most can be categorized into a few main factors. For truck drivers, these include inexperience, negligence, distractions and drowsiness.

No truck driver should be on the roads when he or she is distracted or too tired to drive. Not thinking about their own safety or the safety of others is a serious violation of trust.