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How social media can be used as evidence against you

As a college student, you’ve likely been warned to monitor what you post on social media. Future employers will check your accounts as an additional background check, and if they find photos of you surrounded by alcohol bottles or posts bashing past employers, it could reflect poorly on you.

What you might not know is that social media can be used against you in court if you ever get in legal trouble.

College students and a DUI charge: What to expect

You’ve only had “a couple” drinks, so why not drive home?  Out of nowhere, those ever-recognizable blue lights start flashing behind you. Your worst fear realized.    

For most people, especially a college student, a DUI charge can be life-changing, at least in the short term. From fines to jail time and even the possibility of a revoked scholarship, challenges associated with a DUI can arise in many different forms.

What happens if you refuse a breath test?

Have you ever been curious about what happens if you decide to refuse a breathalyzer test?

If a police officer pulls you over and believes that you are driving impaired, he or she may ask you to submit to a breath test. While you do have the choice to refuse the test, there are consequences for this in the state of Nebraska.

Pursuit leads to death of Nebraska motorcyclist

Though it may be difficult to face the prospect of a traffic stop, it is best to comply with authorities' wishes rather than attempt to lead them on a chase. A 27-year-old motorcyclist from Grand Island, Nebraska, appears to have fled from law enforcement attempting to pull him over for speeding very early on a Wednesday morning. However, he ended up suffering irreversibly negative consequences when he collided with another vehicle and lost his life. 

The speed limit on South Locust Street in Grand Island is 50 miles per hour, but state law enforcement officers reportedly observed the motorcyclist traveling southward at a rate of 80 miles per hour. Instead of cooperating with authorities' attempt to pull him over, he allegedly increased his speed to 100 miles per hour or more in an attempt to flee. Law enforcement followed, resulting in a pursuit. 

What can life look like after a DUI conviction?

As a Nebraskan resident facing DUI-related charges, you may be wondering what the potential impact on the rest of your life could be if you are convicted. While many people usually think about jail time or large fines first, today we will take a look at some of the ways a DUI conviction could impact your day-to-day living.

FindLaw starts off by examining employment background checks and how a DUI conviction on your record can influence an employer's decision. Any place of employment can choose to background check its employees. It is up to state laws to determine if what they find could be considered a valid reason to pass you over for the position. Unfortunately, DUI-related convictions are often considered a good reason to not hire someone, especially if the job you are applying for involves driving.

How can a knee injury interrupt your life?

Nebraskan residents like you who have been involved in a car crash may have ended up with various injuries. While damage done to the head and neck are popularly discussed, injuries to the knees can have an equally significant impact. At McHenry Haszard Law, we will carefully discuss this potential impact and how it may affect your quality of life.

First of all, there are the financial costs. Not only do you need to deal with recovery, but you may also lose income. This is because knee injuries can be quite hard to heal from. Some cases require surgery, and others require extensive rest. This means you cannot work to your usual level, or perhaps work at all, which leads to lost wages.

What are the costs of a crash?

Nebraskan residents like you understand that car crashes can be harmful on more than just a physical level. Financially, they can also be devastating. McHenry Haszard Law takes a look at all of the hardest-hitting expenses that you may face after a crash.

The first expenses are the short-term ones. These will usually be things like car repairs and hospital bills. Depending on the severity of the crash, initial costs can be quite high. Even a ride in an ambulance can put a person back hugely. Add in complications like surgery or even having your car totaled and you're easily looking at tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

When you are allowed to turn right on a red light

Some Lincoln drivers are comfortable turning right after stopping at a red light. Others are not so sure that it is legal. What is the answer? Would a driver end up in legal hot water if that driver turned right on red? According to Nebraska law, there is no problem with making right turns at a red light, provided the driver follows through on certain actions.

Nebraska law spells out what a driver is to do before turning on red. First, the driver should stop at a marked stop line, or before entering a crosswalk, or prior to crossing an intersection if there is no marking available. From there, the driver must yield to pedestrians and oncoming traffic that have the right of way before crossing into the intersection to make a right turn.

What should I know about swatting?

You may have participated in phone pranks when you were much younger. You and your friends may have considered it harmless fun to call someone and ask if their refrigerator was running. However, it is vital for you and other Nebraska residents to understand the difference between an annoying prank and one that can result in serious criminal charges, as well as putting someone else at risk of bodily harm.

“Swatting” is a prank made more popular with online gaming and social media. As CNN explains, this prank involves someone making a false call to police and informing them that a violent crime is occurring or about to occur, then giving them a different person’s address. This results in armed law enforcement arriving at the unsuspecting person’s residence. You may remember the now-infamous case from December 2017, in which a man was killed in a swatting prank gone wrong. Officers showed up at his Kansas home after a California man called authorities, claiming to have killed family members, and provided the other man’s address. Recently, the caller was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the prank.

Economics, gender and divorce

Most people in Nebraska know someone who has gotten a divorce as it is no longer an unusual experience in today's society. However, many people may wonder what factors could potentially contribute to a couple's divorce or to a successful marriage. There is likely no one reason that some marriages stay together and others come to end but various researchers do watch for trends that may provide clues.

As reported by MarketWatch, it appears from some research that the earning power of husbands and wives may play into some heterosexual couples' divorces. Specifically, when the wife is the primary or even the only breadwinner in a marriage, a couple may have a much higher risk of getting divorced than if it is the husband who earns the most or all of the couple's income. Dating couples with this type of inequality in earnings may have a lower chance of their relationships developing into marriages.

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