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Can you refuse a field sobriety test?

There are many college students and young adults who enjoy spending the weekends drinking alcohol and taking to the roads afterwards. The highest concern for motorists and pedestrians is for their lives when alcohol and driving are combined. Despite the many other options available (designated drivers, Uber, Lyft, local taxi, etc.) many young college students misjudge their sobriety and get behind the wheel anyway.

So, what should drivers do when they get pulled over by law enforcement? Is a field sobriety test mandatory in the state of Nebraska? The answer is no. You can and should refuse a field sobriety test from a police officer. Remain respectful yet firm in your refusal to take a sobriety test.

Divorce: Who owns the livestock?

Divorce is tricky enough when trying to equally distribute family assets. When spouses are also business partners, the situation becomes especially difficult because the business’s assets need to be divvied up as well.

This is particularly true among ranch and farm families. When one spouse begins the marriage with land or livestock, who gets the property when the marriage ends?

Four ways to help your children cope with your divorce

Divorce is typically a stressful and emotional time for the entire family. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), most children adjust well to divorce within about two years, but some actions you take as a parent could make their adjustment easier.

Talk to your kids about the divorce

What are some of the main causes of truck accidents?

Large trucks can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds when carrying a full load. While traveling along interstates and highways at speeds of 60 to 70 miles per hour, you can understand how catastrophic and deadly a crash with one of these trucks can be to someone driving a passenger car.

Semi-truck drivers go through a much more rigorous process to obtain a license than the general public. During this training, truck drivers are taught about the limitations and dangers of the large rigs they will operate. However, drivers of passenger cars may not have this same knowledge since studies show that 81 percent of accidents between trucks and cars are due to negligence from the driver of the car.

What should you during visitation with your kids?

As a divorced parent, you know how valuable that time with your children really is. You only get to see them so often and you want to make the most of it. You never take it for granted.

But what should you do together? How can you maximize the fun you have and create good memories in a way that really connects with your children? Below are a few ideas:

  • Get outside. Go for a hike or just a walk around the block. Explore nature. Children love it, they learn a lot and it gives you a way to connect that is much better than just watching TV.
  • Do crafts. Children love learning new skills. Remember that things you take for granted -- drawing, cutting paper shapes, painting, gluing -- are all new things for young kids.
  • Make a meal. Cooking with slightly older children is very similar to doing crafts. It's creative, it's new and it's educational. You have to make something to eat anyway, so why not include the kids?
  • Embrace imagination. Let your child pretend play and join in. It's sometimes hard for adults, as it doesn't come naturally anymore, but children really enjoy it and they will love your involvement.
  • Read books together. Your kids learn valuable skills, they work on their imaginations and it gives you a low-key activity to do together so you don't feel exhausted at the end.

The rise and fall of criminal activity with age

If you study the trends with criminal activity and arrests in the United States, you quickly find something very interesting: There is a clear link between this activity and age.

Generally speaking, preadolescence and early adolescence tend to coincide with rising crime rates and higher odds of criminal activity. In late adolescence, these rates hit their peak and this activity becomes most common. By young adulthood, the rates are already falling, and they simply continue to do so.

Potential injuries from a rear-end accident

Nothing prepares you for a rear-end accident. You're just sitting at a red light, waiting for it to turn green, thinking about what you need to get from the store. Suddenly, there is the squeal of tires on the pavement and another car slams into the back of your vehicle.

Even though it is a low-speed crash and you have more protection than you would in a head-on crash, you could suffer serious injuries in the accident. A few potential issues to watch out for include:

  • Whiplash, which happens when your head moves violently, and you injure your neck and spine
  • A concussion from your head hitting the seat or the wheel
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Bruises
  • Lacerations
  • Torn or damaged tendons
  • Torn or damaged ligaments
  • Nerve damage
  • Shoulder pain
  • Back pain
  • Blood clots

Is property from your separation still marital property?

You and your spouse have been arguing a lot, and you finally decide to move out. You live apart for a year. You have your own apartment, you buy your own car and you have to purchase a lot of other things for yourself. You're still married, but you have to operate on your own.

When you finally get divorced, is the property you bought going to count as marital property? Or is it separate property? This makes a big difference when dividing assets.

Benefits of seat belts outweigh your excuses for not wearing one

When you get behind the wheel of your vehicle, your first priority may be to find the right station on the radio. After all, you want your commute to be comfortable, right? As part of that comfort, you may forgo wearing a seat belt because you feel too restricted or that seat belts are uncomfortable, especially during long drives.

If you do not buckle up every time you get in a vehicle, you are not only breaking Nebraska law, but you are also putting yourself in considerable danger. Seat belts are in place as necessary safety features in vehicles. If you choose not to utilize this feature, you may significantly regret that choice later.

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