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Can I get a job with a criminal record?

If you are among the many people who live in Nebraska and have some sort of criminal activity on your record, you may worry about how or where you might be able to get a new job. Being employed and earning a living is an essential element to moving your life forward in a positive manner so it is understandable that you may be concerned that your past could get in the way of this. That does not need to happen, however, as you can find a good job even after a criminal conviction.

Four-time drunk driver going to prison

People who live in Nebraska might often hear others talk about how tough the laws related to drunk driving are in the state. However, it may seem to some that the laws are not quite strong enough. Too often, reports surface about accidents that are caused by intoxicated or drugged drivers who have been convicted of impaired driving offenses before. The fact that the law allows these people to keep driving and engage in the same behaviors can be hard to understand or appreciate. 

Alleged Nebraska hit and run injures two motorcyclists

"Hit and run" is a colloquial phrase that describes a situation in which someone involved in a motor vehicle accident leaves the scene before authorities arrive. The driver and passenger of a vehicle that allegedly struck two motorcyclists appear to have literally hit and run, leaving the vehicle abandoned at the Lincoln, Nebraska, intersection where the collision took place. Authorities later arrested a 29-year-old man believed to have been the driver at his home. He now faces felony charges of driving under the influence and suspicion of leaving the scene of an injury accident. 

Alleged Nebraska street racing accident injures pedestrians

Racing automobiles on public streets is not only illegal in Nebraska, but it is also highly dangerous. It poses unnecessary risks to racers, other drivers and pedestrians. A 29-year-old man allegedly involved in street racing reportedly struck three onlookers in Omaha on Friday night, sending two of them to the hospital. The driver now faces criminal charges of reckless driving, no insurance and DUI. 

Trucking accidents are not slowing down

As frustrating as it may be to share the road with big trucks, you may be surprised how much you depend on them. Those behemoth vehicles transport almost 70% of the items you purchase in stores and online. While it is true that the U.S. economy would suffer without large trucks, it may also be true that fewer people would die on Nebraska highways.

Can food and pollution affect breath test results?

When law enforcement officers suspect that a driver is operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, they may use a breath test device to measure the driver’s blood alcohol content level. If you have ever been pulled over on suspicion of a DUI, you may have been asked to submit to one of these tests by exhaling into a breath test device. Research performed by the State University of New York at Potsdam found, however, that the results from these devices may be inaccurate. 

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