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There is no greater compliment than knowing our clients are happy with the services we provide. The following comments are from our actual clients:

Stood By Me The Whole Way

Linsey handled our adoption. My husband wanted to adopt my son who had abandoned him. Linsey was excellent and was very thorough in everything. She was great explaining things to us and was very patient with us when I had to call her or email her with more questions that came up later through the process. After court she asked if we had any other questions and said if we needed anything else to not hesitate to call her. We did run into a situation to where the grandparents of the adopted child was contacting us and the child after being told not to, she was very pleasant and helpful as to how to handle the situation.

Linsey is a very good attorney and knows the Nebraska Law. I was so hesitant at first considering my bad experience from a previous Nebraska attorney I had to handle a modification and visitation schedule.

With Linsey’s outgoing and soft personality but yet a fighter I just knew she was the one to hire. I needed an attorney that would fight for me and believe in me and stand by me the whole way and not just think about the paycheck that thought about what was right and important. When it comes to my children I take things seriously and want what is best for them not me. Linsey stood by me the whole way and she is one attorney that I would definitely hire again, but I hope that will never be necessary.