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Aggressive Representation To Pursue What You Are Entitled To

At McHenry Haszard Law in Lincoln, our entire legal team emphasizes compassion for our clients while also fighting aggressively to get our clients the benefits to which they are entitled. Let us fight through the Social Security maze on your behalf.

Navigating Complicated Laws After A Denial Of Benefits

Our firm’s lawyers hold more than a century of experience, and our firm has been in practice for more than 35 years helping clients file successful Social Security Disability (SSD) claims. Our clients regularly seek us out after they have been denied benefits.

When clients do come to us, they are angry, confused and hurt. They very often haven’t been told why their claims have been denied, and they don’t understand why the Social Security office will not help them.

Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration has adopted the business practice of keeping costs down by simply rejecting first-time claimants as a general rule. This is outrageous, and we fight on behalf of our clients to ensure that they do indeed receive the Social Security provided to them under the laws of our country.

Our attorneys have assisted any number of injured clients with their Social Security Disability claims, including those clients suffering from mental health difficulties. In doing so, we help our clients navigate through complicated laws and regulations that do not make sense to the normal person. We also help clients understand their rights under elder law.

To provide this level of service, we have purposely structured our firm so we can offer clients the kind of compassionate personalized attention they need in their Social Security matters. We want our clients to know that we are in their corner. We offer answers to your social security disability questions.

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