Know-How To Take On Your Toughest Legal Challenges

Protecting Your Freedom And Future When You Face Criminal Charges

If you are facing criminal charges, your freedoms and liberties are at stake. Let the experienced legal team at McHenry Haszard Law help you protect yourself.

We provide experienced and skillful criminal defense services to clients throughout the Lincoln area. Our lawyers will provide you with the resources you need to make intelligent legal decisions about your future.

Thoroughly Investigating Your Case To Build A Strong Defense Strategy

Whatever criminal charges you are facing, including assault and driving while intoxicated (DWI), our attorneys can help you protect yourself. We will work with you by investigating the facts of your matter for ourselves. We will examine the evidence being offered against you and challenge it before your case even gets to court. Ultimately, we make every effort to maximize the legal protections available to you in your case. In doing so, we can advise you as to all of your legal options.

We can tell you when you can best protect your rights by going to court. We can also tell you when you can best protect your rights by working for lesser charges from the prosecutor’s office.

We will know your goals and legal needs because we will work with you personally. Our entire firm is dedicated to providing each client, civil or criminal defense, business formation, or DWI, with the personalized attention required by the nature of the case.

Get The Proactive Defense You Need

It’s important to understand your rights as soon as possible. Potential clients can call our firm in Lincoln at 402-858-4263 to schedule an initial consultation with our team. You can also contact our Nebraska firm online to speak with one of our Lincoln criminal defense attorneys. All communications between our firm and potential clients remain entirely confidential.