Know-How To Take On Your Toughest Legal Challenges

Your Strategic Advisors For Business Dispute Resolution

In business and other areas, disputes are bound to arise. The manner in which you approach them can make or break your chance at a successful resolution.

At McHenry Haszard Law, we have the depth of experience to assist you in strategic dispute resolution through private negotiation, mediation, arbitration and civil litigation. Our firm has served southeast Nebraska’s individuals and business entities for more than 35 years. Combined, our attorneys have more than 110 years of legal experience.

A Sterling Reputation In Litigation And ADR

We have earned an outstanding reputation as a trial law firm. In our decades in practice, we have developed a keen sense of Nebraska’s legal culture including its judges, opposing counsel, administrative procedures and which arguments are successful at what time.

Our clients range from fledgling startups to major corporations. We develop solutions tailored to fit the unique needs and objectives of you and your company. Through a careful cost-benefit analysis combined with our decades of experience, we have the wisdom to discern when and whether alternative dispute resolution or litigation best serves you.

Bringing A Personal Touch To Business Law

We strongly believe that representation is about much more than just our legal knowledge. It is about the relationships that we build with our clients. To this end, we structure our firm to have a full staff of personable attorneys on hand who can devote their attention to your needs. You are more than a case file – you are someone whose future we deeply care about.

Take The First Step To Resolve Your Business Dispute

Seeking outside counsel is the best way to gain clarity and understand how you should move forward regarding a business conflict. When you speak with our team members in an initial consultation, we can provide the insight you need and deserve. Contact our Lincoln office to set up your appointment. Call us toll-free at 800-231-3624, call our local number at 402-858-4263 or send us an email.