Know-How To Take On Your Toughest Legal Challenges

Know What To Do When Starting, Buying Or Merging Your Business

There’s perhaps nothing more exciting than starting your own business. While the prospect is thrilling, it can at times feel a bit overwhelming. There are so many decisions to be made. There are also risks and benefits to consider.

At times such as this, it can be significantly beneficial to work with an experienced business law attorney. You get the value of a wealth of information, a broad-scope view of risks and benefits, and the dedication you need for your business to succeed. The team at McHenry Haszard Law can help.

Setting Your Foundation On Solid Ground

We have a committed focus to assist Nebraska startups and small business owners. We know that most of today’s thriving companies once started as small enterprises. Someone had the foresight to start small but dream big. We offer seasoned legal advice and representation on which entity best fits your business.

We advise on:

  • Articles of organization and incorporation
  • Sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC or S-Corp
  • Operating agreements
  • Contracts
  • Employment issues
  • Shareholder and partnership agreements

We will evaluate your venture and offer guidance as to how best to attain you goals. Once begun, we can help you develop and grow your company. When desired, we offer continued counsel on protecting your assets and pursuing and defending litigation.

Understanding The Risks And Benefits Of A Merger Or Acquisition

Our team of diligent attorneys offers guidance and support from the first step to the final signing. We can provide the guidance, insight and knowledge you need to make the decisions that lead to success. We offer assistance with:

  • Antitrust and competition
  • Acquisition financing
  • Due diligence reviews
  • Nebraska labor and employment law
  • Distressed businesses
  • Partnership and shareholder dispute resolution and litigation

We always seek to minimize your risks and maximize your business opportunities. We work with you to anticipate your needs, review the considered options and provide direction. As attorneys experienced in Nebraska business law, we offer a wide base of legal experience.

Partner With Our Team For Solid Representation

To reach our Lincoln, Nebraska, business law team, call 402-858-4263. With decades of both transaction and litigation experience, we are able to provide the support, counsel and representation you need. You can also connect with us via our online contact form.