Know-How To Take On Your Toughest Legal Challenges

Finding Sustainable Solutions To Contested Legal Matters

McHenry Haszard Law maintains a vigorous practice in divorce law. We offer clients a team of divorce attorneys holding more than a century of experience practicing law and a firm that has been practicing for more than 35 years.

Our firm’s experienced divorce attorneys work hard on your behalf to ensure fair treatment and that your rights are protected during the entire process. We find that our approach maximizes the likelihood of long-term peace and sustainable legal arrangements that provide the entire family with stability and predictability, particularly with respect to child custody, child support, marital support and parenting issues.

 Helping You With A Wide Array Of Divorce Issues

As with our firm in general, we have established a practice area that can accommodate a wide variety of clients, both big and small. We advise divorce clients across Nebraska in a number of divorce matters involving complicated and significant assets, including:

  • Privately owned businesses
  • Farms
  • Retirement accounts
  • Investments
  • Luxury assets
  • Vacation homes
  • Rental properties

As attorneys who practice business law, we have unique insights in to divorces that involve a business. Whatever the size of the divorce, we always place our legal expertise within the context of compassionate care for our clients. We know that divorce is a time of great emotional turmoil and transition. We make it our goal to manage these issues on behalf of our clients, skillfully and effectively.

To that end, our firm makes every effort to communicate promptly with clients regarding their divorce-related matters. We understand that a strong divorce case begins with a successful attorney-client relationship. We are also accomplished mediators.

Get The Proven Guidance Your Divorce Requires

Our team is ready to help you resolve your divorce as smoothly as possible. Potential clients can call our firm in Lincoln at 402-858-4263 to schedule an initial consultation. You can also contact our firm online. All communications between our firm and potential clients remain entirely confidential.