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Alleged Nebraska street racing accident injures pedestrians

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2019 | Uncategorized

Racing automobiles on public streets is not only illegal in Nebraska, but it is also highly dangerous. It poses unnecessary risks to racers, other drivers and pedestrians. A 29-year-old man allegedly involved in street racing reportedly struck three onlookers in Omaha on Friday night, sending two of them to the hospital. The driver now faces criminal charges of reckless driving, no insurance and DUI. 

The three pedestrians were reportedly watching the illegal race while standing on the concrete median near the intersection of Crown Point Avenue and Abbott Drive. The driver apparently lost control of his vehicle while traveling eastbound at a high rate of speed. He allegedly struck the three pedestrians after first running into the median and then a metal street sign. 

One of the three pedestrians refused medical evaluation despite complaining of back pain following the crash. The other two received treatment for various injuries at the hospital, one for pain in the wrist and back; the other for a fractured nose and a head laceration. 

A witness recorded video of the scene after the crash and posted it to YouTube. It shows one of the pedestrians down in the street, surrounded by people telling him not to move. The man appearing in the video later commented via the online platform that he received medical treatment and has left the hospital. The video shows the driver as well, with members of the crowd exchanging words with him. Authorities describe the driver trying to leave the scene and pushing the car into a parking lot. 

People injured in a car accident by a driver willfully breaking the law may be able to claim damages. A conversation with an attorney may provide further information. 


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