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1 big advantage to selling your home during divorce

You have a lot of options regarding your home during divorce. Some couples keep the home and share the mortgage payments so the kids do not have to move. Some sell the house and split up the profits. Others allow one spouse to buy out the mortgage and keep the house alone, while the other spouse moves on.

Are DUIs and DWIs the same?

A DUI and DWI are essentially the same thing, but they have different abbreviations. Why? One stands for driving under the influence, while the other stands for driving while intoxicated. Sometimes, DWI stands for driving while impaired, which might be used if someone was using drugs instead of alcohol, for instance.

What are the differences between assault and battery?

When it comes to defending against criminal charges, it can make a considerable difference in your case to actually understand the allegations brought against you. Certainly, any legal professional you bring in to assist you in your case will know the exact terminology, but it may help you feel more at ease if you also understand. Therefore, you may find it helpful to both your case and your peace of mind to gain information relating to the allegations.

Defend yourself against involuntary manslaughter charges

Involuntary manslaughter is a term that refers to unintentional killing that is a result of criminal negligence or recklessness. It may also be the charge placed if a person is killed as a result of a low-level felony or misdemeanor crime. Also known as criminally negligent homicide, the term essentially means that a person's actions caused a death but that the death wasn't intentional.

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