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October 2018 Archives

When should you stay off the roads to avoid drunk drivers?

Despite everything that we know about the dangers of driving while intoxicated, you still know that people do it every single day. It happens even more on the weekends. There's always the risk that someone who is impaired by alcohol or drugs is going to run into you and leave you with life-changing injuries.

Which distractions behind the wheel cause the most car accidents?

At one time, driving meant getting behind the wheel, pointing your vehicle in a direction and moving from point A to point B. During these early years of traveling via motor vehicle, there were no cellphones or other things that could steal away your attention. Obviously, the world of today is a much different place and is full of dangerous distractions.

Legal guidance for innocent people charged with a crime

If you are innocent of the charges filed against you, why would you need to create a criminal defense strategy? Unfortunately, far too many wrongful convictions have left innocent people imprisoned for crimes they didn't commit. If you need proof of this, we invite you to browse the cases highlighted on the Innocence Project website. Instead of risking your freedom and becoming another statistic, it is better to be proactive about the charges against you.

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