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Which distractions behind the wheel cause the most car accidents?

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2018 | Car Accidents

At one time, driving meant getting behind the wheel, pointing your vehicle in a direction and moving from point A to point B. During these early years of traveling via motor vehicle, there were no cellphones or other things that could steal away your attention. Obviously, the world of today is a much different place and is full of dangerous distractions.

As a whole, most people in Nebraska have a good understanding of the risks involved with distracted driving. They know that losing focus on their vehicles, the traffic patterns and the roads can result in car accidents that cause severe injuries. Even with this knowledge, car crashes caused by distraction still occur, leaving victims in need of legal assistance to help mitigate their suffering.

The following section lists three of the top distractions that may lead to car accidents. The No. 1 distraction might surprise some of you.

Outside distracters

Looking at people, objects and events outside of the vehicle is the third leading cause of distracted driving car accidents.


As most of you might expect, the use of cellphones leads to many distracted driving car accidents, but there is still one distraction that beats out phone use while driving.

Wandering minds

This might sound unlikely, but it turns out that losing yourself in your thoughts is the top reason distracted driving crashes occur according to SafeStart, a safety training organization.

Other distractions that may result in an accident include eating, smoking, moving or reaching for objects and adjusting a vehicle’s controls. Driving while distracted is dangerous and in many cases, unlawful. Those victimized in these preventable car accidents may seek compensation by speaking with a legal professional.

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