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December 2011 Archives

5 Reasons Why Leaving a Will is Important

We understand that preparing an estate plan is not something that you want think about because it contemplates your death.  You may think you are too young or possibly, you cannot imagine not being there for your family.  However,  it is exactly the reason you should have estate plan.  If you die suddenly, your family will already be dealing with a great tragedy.  Having an estate plan in place will ease the additional burdens of administering your estate and leave you with peace of mind during your lifetime.  Consider some reasons you should have an estate plan. 1. An estate plan creates a plan of care for your children. 2. It preserves your assets for chosen beneficiaries. 3. It will prevent disagreements among your beneficiaries. 4. You may be able to minimize tax consequences and maximize the transfer of wealth from one generation to the next. 5. You ensure that a trusted person will administer your estate.

New Procedures for Guardians and Conservators - John McHenry

How Changes to the Guardian/Conservator Laws and Supreme Court Rules will Affect You   In order to provide additional oversight to protect against the abuse of protected adults, the legislature and the Courts have made changes in how guardians and conservators make their reports  to the court.  For accountings due on or after January 2, 2012,  45 days in advance of the due date the Courts will provide to the Guardians and Conservators an informational packet.   The packet  will include a page on the changes to your responsibilities as guardian and/or conservator as well as forms required for your annual report such as the annual report on condition of ward, an updated inventory, the annual accounting, certificates of proof of possession, a personal and financial information form, a notice of right to object, a notice to interested parties, an affidavit of mailing the annual report, the application for approval of your accounting and/or fees and an affidavit of mailing the application for approval of accounting.   NOTE, for annual reports due in years to come, you will only receive notice of  the reports due and therefore you will need to keep copies of the forms or access them from the Supreme Court website http://www.supremecourt.ne.gov/forms/county/guardian-conservators.shtml  You are required to use the court forms for your  annual accounting/reports.  Use of any other reports or deviations from the form of the required documents will be rejected and you will be sent a corrective action notice and be required to file again at your expense.   Changes in your responsibilities as guardian and/or conservator are as follows:

Daughters of the Nile Thanks McHenry Haszard Law

In their latest newsletter, Daughters of the Nile thanked McHenry Haszard Law for their donation that allowed the Daughters of the Nile to recognize 8 other individuals who have helped greatly with the mission of their work. McHenry Haszard Law is pleased to be a supporter of Daughters of the Nile, who's mission is to raise money for the families of children who have been hospitalized. Click Here to see the article in the Daughters of the Nile newsletter (page 5 & 6).

James Haszard wins case on behalf of City Bank

                After trial this week, Jim Haszard won a judgment for City Bank against Dean Hoag, Jr. in the amount of $335,000.  Hoag had signed for loans on behalf of his company, Professional Title & Escrow Company, which went out of business in 2010 without paying off its loans to City Bank.                 The judge determined that the evidence presented by City Bank was persuasive that the amount was owed and awarded judgment to the bank without submitting the case to a jury.  The amount awarded by the judge was the full amount sought by the bank. Click Here to see a full article by the Lincoln Journal Star on this case.