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Interstate crash caused by snow kills 71-year-old Nebraska man

With extreme weather and busy roads throughout the state of Nebraska, drivers should always drive defensively and be on the lookout for potential hazards. Unfortunately, there are times when drivers and passengers do their best to avoid an accident and through no fault of their own, the worst happens.

Can you refuse a field sobriety test?

There are many college students and young adults who enjoy spending the weekends drinking alcohol and taking to the roads afterwards. The highest concern for motorists and pedestrians is for their lives when alcohol and driving are combined. Despite the many other options available (designated drivers, Uber, Lyft, local taxi, etc.) many young college students misjudge their sobriety and get behind the wheel anyway.

Divorce: Who owns the livestock?

Divorce is tricky enough when trying to equally distribute family assets. When spouses are also business partners, the situation becomes especially difficult because the business’s assets need to be divvied up as well.

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