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The Lawyer’s Role in a Divorce

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Nebraska is one of the states which has “no-fault” divorce.  It is not necessary to prove that one spouse is responsible for the breakdown of the marriage, nor does the court explore in any detail why the marriage has broken. In fact, the court will rarely permit you to offer testimony regarding fault.  This means that the court may dissolve a marriage whenever it determines that it is irretrievably broken, and that all reasonable efforts of reconciliation have been made. The lawyer will represent the client’s best interest by serving as an advocate and negotiator. They will also provide guidance through the procedure and the filing of all court documents. When you contact our firm, we will schedule an initial consultation.  At the meeting, your lawyer will provide you with an overview of the divorce process, obtain information about your case, and offer advice regarding your situation. After you have retained our firm, your attorney will draft all necessary documents to be filed with the Court and attend  hearings scheduled in your case. After the Complaint is filed and the other party is served according to the law, your attorney will begin the negotiation process by gathering financial information and determining an equitable distribution of debts and assets.  If there are children involved, the attorney will also advocate for you regarding the matters of custody, parenting time, and child support. For more information on divorce, see our Divorce and Family Law Page or contact McHenry Haszard at 402.476.2200.

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