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Settlement options could help you avoid trial

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The injuries caused by a serious truck accident can leave you impacted for life. Even if the injuries themselves do not have permanent physical repercussions, it could still take you a considerable amount of time to recover, and you can face mental and financial burdens that could last even longer. As a result, you may wish to consider seeking compensation from the truck driver, trucking company and any other parties who could potentially bear liability for the accident and your subsequent injuries.

You may have some reservations about pursuing a legal claim because you do not want to face a trial. However, it may interest you to know that many personal injury cases do not have to go to trial. You may have the ability to settle your case through alternative dispute methods.

Alternative dispute resolution

A few alternative dispute resolution, or ADR, methods exist. You could potentially utilize mediation or negotiation if you hope to avoid a trial. These methods involve all parties discussing their concerns and desires relating to the case and compromising in hopes of coming to a beneficial settlement.

Of course, when it comes to settling a case, you may want to determine what amount and type of compensation you feel most comfortable with and how much you feel willing to negotiate.

Settlement advantages

If you hope to complete your case quickly, settling can help achieve that goal. You may spend less money and less time working through negotiations than you would if your case went to trial in order to receive a court ruling. During your mediation or negotiation, you and the other parties involved can voice your concerns, facts regarding the incident and desired outcomes, and a third party can help determine what the outcome could look like.

Lump-sum or structured settlement

If you and the other parties come to an agreeable settlement, you will likely have to determine whether the compensation should come as a lump-sum settlement or a structured settlement. With a lump-sum payment, you will receive the entirety of your settlement in a single payment. A structured settlement allows for the paying parties to make payments over a certain period of time.

More on this option

Of course, the specific circumstances of your situation can also play a role in whether ADR methods and coming to a settlement will work for your case. If certain parties do not wish to cooperate, moving forward with a trial may prove necessary. However, you can gain additional information from a knowledgeable Nebraska attorney to determine what routes may prove most feasible for your case.

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