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Plea deal results in short prison term for woman

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Killing someone when you’re drunk behind the wheel can lead to homicide charges. These charges carry their own penalties that you need to defend yourself against.

For example, take the case of this woman. The woman in Columbus pleaded no contest to a charge for felony motor vehicle homicide. As a result of the no contest plea, she was sentenced to 180 days in jail and will only serve 72. As long as she complies with the terms of probation, she could lower the 180 days by 90.

The court has also determined that the woman will be required to serve additional jail time around the man’s birthday and the anniversary of his death. She will need to serve 48 hours each time. Additionally, she faces three years of probation.

The family and friends of the man killed had hoped for a different outcome, but the courts agreed that with no previous record or violations, the probation could be granted.

The prosecution aimed for incarceration, stating that the accident could have been avoided if the woman had not been drinking and taking prescription drugs prior to the crash. Additionally, she was speeding when it happened, which resulted in her colliding with the man’s motorcycle on U.S. Highway 81. She had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of around .221 and had been traveling at around 93 to 101 mph.

Thanks to the plea agreement, the woman faced reduced charges. Prior to the plea, she faced a Class III felony with a maximum prison term of 20 years. It was reduced to Class IIIA, which has a maximum of only 5 years.

Your case could result in lowered penalties and charges, too. Your attorney can help you defend yourself, so you’re treated fairly by the courts.

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