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Teens are more likely to get into accidents in Nebraska

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A loss of life is always tragic, especially when the victim is young. In many cases, there was a chance that something could have been done to prevent the death, like wearing a seat belt.

An annual report released by the Nebraska Department of Roads has shown that all of the teens who were killed in car crashes in 2016 were not wearing seat belts. The annual report claimed that the deaths may have been avoided if the teens had bucked up.

Teen drivers make up around 10 percent of the total drivers on the roads in Nebraska, yet they account for one in five accidents. This high rate of collisions comes down to inexperience, distractions and behaving in unsafe manners on the road. Teens already don’t have experience driving, but many also engage in activities like speeding or texting behind the wheel. These habits can prove fatal.

How can you help prevent these accidents? If you have teens in your home or know teens or younger people, talk to them about the importance of driving safely on the roads. It could help save their lives and the lives of others. It’s not enough that a teen has a permit or license. It’s vital that the teens also have real-world experience and tips from those who have been driving for years longer than them.

In Nebraska, only front-seat passengers and children have to wear a seat belt, which can contribute to a higher rate of fatal injuries. It’s always a good idea to buckle up. Then, if you’re hit, you have a lesser chance of serious injury.

If you are hit, your attorney can help you file a claim. You need to focus on healing, so your attorney can help take care of the legal steps while you recover.

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