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You deserve child support from the noncustodial parent

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Not receiving the child support payments you need can be devastating to your child. Raising a child on your own most of the time is difficult enough as it is without having to bear the entire financial burden.

Child support is supposed to be there to provide for your child since the other parent is not the primary caregiver. Sadly, close to 30 percent of parents aren’t up-to-date on their child support payments, according to a May 2017 article.

In 2017, parents in Nebraska reportedly collected around $217 million in child support around the state. Despite it seeming like a high number, the fact is that the child support payments are lacking. For parents who aren’t getting what they’re owed, it can make life much more difficult.

Sometimes, so-called deadbeat parents take off and hide to avoid making payments. Others quit their jobs or leave the military to avoid wage garnishment. That can leave single parents fighting to stay afloat, even going as far as to need food stamps and support through the state.

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services handles around 108,000 cases, and around 30 percent have parents who have not paid or who have overdue child support payments. That’s around three in 10 parents who aren’t paying what they owe by court order.

For parents seeking this compensation, it’s possible to have the other parent’s income withheld, to collect from federal or state tax returns or to pull the money directly from the other person’s bank account. Sometimes, the state takes further action and suspends the license of the negligent parent.

If you’re waiting for child support payments that never come, there is help for you. Our website has more information about the steps you can take to get paid.

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