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Father killed in motorcycle accident on Old Highway 275

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2017 | Truck Accidents

Imagine waking up knowing that something is wrong. You feel fine, but you know that someone you care about has been injured. That happened in this case when a woman woke up worrying about her husband. Hours later, she found out that he had been killed in a traffic accident. He left her and their young child behind.

The man, 24, was headed home after working the night shift at Valmont Industries in Valley. He was riding a motorcycle on Old Highway 275. A semi-truck heading east attempted to make a left turn onto Nebraska Highway 36, but the turn cut off the motorcyclist. That’s when the accident happened and took the man’s life.

This is not an unusual accident to have happen. Drivers turning left cause many of the motorcycle accidents that you see on the roads. It’s an extreme hazard for motorcyclists and one that is hard to avoid.

Interestingly, his wife saw that there had been an accident on the Old Highway before she knew her husband had been involved. She didn’t know who was involved because she and her daughter were at a family reunion. Soon enough, a phone call came that told her family that her husband had died. Sadly, this was the first time that the woman had been away from her home since her nearly fatal car crash in October.

This tragic crash could have been prevented. Drivers need to pay attention to the roads and look for motorcyclists, especially in the summer months. Now, this family has to live without a loved one. If that happens to you, you can pursue a claim against the person responsible.

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