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Choosing adoption: Cost doesn’t have to deter you

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A forever family is important for children without a home. Adoptive families have the ability to create an environment where a child can thrive while building their own family. There are several steps during the adoption process of which you need to be aware. Perhaps one of the most important is determining the type of adoption you’d like to pursue.

Typically, there are domestic and international adoptions. Within the United States, adoptions may be private or through a public agency. Foster care adoptions tend to be the least expensive, while international or foreign adoptions could be extremely expensive and require travel.

The next thing you’ll want to look at is the cost. Different types of adoptions have varied fees, so you’ll want to discuss the cost of the adoption when you select an agency. The agency should have a schedule of fees and costs that are written out for you, so you understand what to expect and when.

The costs for adoption are not insignificant in most cases, so it’s a good idea to ask about adoption assistance. There may be federal or state adoption subsidies that you can obtain to make the costs of adoption more affordable. Some benefits that you could receive to make adoption more affordable include one-time reimbursements for non-reoccurring adoption fees and medical assistance for your child. Some subsidies pay monthly cash payments.

Whether you’re new to the world of adoption or want to continue to pursue an adoption you already started, the right legal help makes a difference. A good education on adoption helps you save money and time and can help you bring your child home sooner.

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