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You can party hardy without landing in jail

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2017 | DUI/DWI/OUI

Are you winding down your summer vacation by partying with friends as often as possible? Many Nebraska residents welcome in the month of September in similar fashion. Whether you put some hot dogs on the grill for pre-season NFL games or drive to the nearest lake for an end-of-summer picnic under the sun, it’s always nice to gather with loved ones and friends to enjoy some rest and relaxation. You may notice that party foods always taste especially good when consumed alongside festive beverages.

The problem is that many summer time social beverages include alcohol as an ingredient. That alone is not the problem; however, if you down a few umbrella drinks then get behind the wheel or car to drive, letting the good times roll may quickly become trying to forget the worst summer of your life.

Ideas that might help keep you out of trouble

No one is saying you should never enjoy a glass wine or a cold beer with friends. If you plan to do so, you may want to remember some of the following tips for avoiding drunk driving:

  • Don’t drive: Nowadays, transportation services like Uber are readily available so you can ask someone else to drive you to and from your social event if you want to avoid drunk driving at all costs.
  • Don’t just drink, eat: Do you know that consuming food slows alcohol absorption in your bloodstream? If you make sure to eat a substantial portion of food when you imbibe alcohol, you increase your chances of avoiding intoxication.
  • Stay the night: If you think you have gone beyond your limit for safe driving, ask your party host if you can stay the night to sleep it off instead of making a mistake that could put you in the back of a police car.

Hopefully, it won’t be an issue and you can enjoy your good-bye-summer party and make it back home safely. If a police officer pulls you over, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to jail. There are typically several options available for avoiding conviction. It depends a lot on whether you have ever before faced DWI charges in Nebraska and other crucial factors such as what your blood alcohol content level was at the time of your arrest.

It’s true what they say about anything you say or do during detainment can be used against you in court; so, if you want to avoid self-incrimination, you can always invoke your Fifth Amendment rights until you’ve had a chance to secure legal representation.

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