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Bad and good jobs for maintaining a marriage

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When you go to work in the morning, you probably don’t immediately think that your job is going to be the end of your marriage. The fact is that the work you do can impact your marriage, though. Certain jobs are harder on a marriage than others, so researchers have compiled a list of the jobs most likely to lead to divorce.

Some of the jobs most likely to lead to divorce include flight attendants, telemarketers, machine setters and operators, switchboard operators, bartenders and gaming managers. Gaming managers, for instance, include casino managers. They have the highest rates of divorce in the entire country. Bartenders have a 52.7 percent chance of divorce. In both cases, the increased likelihood of alcohol in the workplace could play a role in the divorce rate.

Where there are bad jobs for marriages, there are also good jobs for marriages. Some of the best jobs for marriages with the least likelihood of ending up causing a divorce include clergies, physical therapists, medical and life scientists, physicians and surgeons and chemical engineers. Why the difference? Some may argue that these individuals make more money, which could support balance in the relationship.

Regardless of the job you have, your marriage will work or fail, depending on many different factors. No amount of money can fix a bad relationship, nor can it hurt a good one. If you think divorce is in your future, your job could play a role, but it’s not likely to fix everything if you change your career. If you’re ready to move on and don’t think your marriage can be saved, then a divorce is usually the right choice.

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