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Woman faces DUI and homicide charges for death of 1 in Nebraska

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It’s never a good idea to get behind the wheel when you’re intoxicated. For some people, that error doesn’t result in any penalties, but for others, their lives are changed forever. That’s what happened in this situation.

A woman involved in a fatal crash has been charged with a DUI and homicide. According to the Oct. 6 report, the woman crashed into the vehicle of a 48-year-old mother who had her 15-year-old daughter in her vehicle. The 22-year-old accused of causing the accident had been drinking prior to the incident.

On state Highway 50, the 22-year-old woman crossed the center line and hit the other vehicle head-on. The impact resulted in the death of the 15-year-old girl in the vehicle.

Investigators reported that her blood alcohol level was .18 percent, which is over twice the legal limit. Now, she is in the hospital following the collision due to the severity of her injuries. She faces felony motor vehicle homicide charges as well as drunk driving charges. Reports show that she had already been on probation for a DUI at the time of the crash.

If you’re on probation and get caught drinking and driving or cause a serious accident, you could face serious penalties and time in prison. It’s important to defend yourself now, because a problem with alcohol is a physical addiction that can’t be cured with prison. There are alternative penalties you can seek to get well while still addressing the concerns of those who have been hurt by your actions. The right persuasive argument could make a difference in your case.

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