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Avoid a DUI this holiday season with these tips

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2017 | DUI/DWI/OUI

Hundreds of people lose their lives every year because of drunk drivers. The national average each year just in the week between Christmas and the New Year is 500 fatalities related to drunk driving. The sad part about this is that nearly all of those incidents could have been avoided.

There are several ways to help prevent drunk driving crashes, so you and your loved ones get home safe and help others get home safe, too. Here are a few things to remember.

You can call a taxi or ride-share service

If you go to a party and drink more than you expected, consider taking a taxi to get home or call a ride-sharing service. It might be a little more expensive on the holidays themselves, but paying a few dollars extra is worth avoiding a serious injury or fatality.

You can plan ahead with a designated driver

A good way to avoid having to call a taxi or ride-sharing service is by identifying your designated driver ahead of time. Whether it’s your 19-year-old child who can’t legally drink yet or a mother who prefers to have sparkling grape juice, having a designated driver helps those who do want to drink alcohol get home safely.

Stay the night

Finally, consider staying the night if you drink too much at a relative’s house or a friend’s party. It might be a little inconvenient, but sleeping off your buzz prevents any risk of a crash by keeping you off the roads.

These are a few ways to prevent injuries caused by drunk driving during the holidays. By staying sober or avoiding getting behind the wheel, you can prevent a DUI.

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