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Handling divorce: Putting personal feelings aside

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When you have to get a divorce, you may think the only option is for it to be contentious. You prepare yourself for the worst but hope for the best. The truth is that you can handle a divorce in a way that makes it easier on yourself and your spouse.

Handling a divorce well starts by removing your personal feelings from the situation. Marriage is as much a business decision as it is for love, so divorce should be seen as a decision that could affect your finances and personal life as well.

When you approach your spouse about a divorce, take your emotions out of it. Calmly explain that you’re considering a divorce and ask for his or her option. Bring it up gradually by discussing things you’re unhappy about first. Over time, if there are no improvements, bring in the divorce papers.

Sometimes, spouses want to try other things before going through a divorce. For their benefit, do it. Go to therapy, take a trip away together or participate in activities with your spouse. Pursue the options open to you before deciding that divorce is the only choice.

After that, if you still want to get a divorce, start looking to the future. Think about what you need to take away from your marriage in terms of assets, and begin to write down what you plan to negotiate for. Begin to collect documents for your bank accounts and other important accounts before you talk about divorce to your spouse.

Finally, remember that it doesn’t do any good to continue to argue. From now on, you have to treat this like a business decision. Emotions make divorce more difficult and complicated, so focus on making good business decisions when you need to negotiate.

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