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Who’s to blame if a truck hits you?

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2018 | Truck Accidents

You were struck when a semitruck’s driver failed to steer into his own lane. As you waited for emergency care to arrive, you noticed that he looked exhausted and was having trouble staying awake, even though he didn’t have any injuries. You suspect the driver was too tired to be behind the wheel when he accidentally entered your lane.

There are federal laws that control what truck drivers can and cannot do behind the wheel. They dictate how long a driver can be behind the wheel, the quality requirements for the trucks used by the industry and control licensing. With so many requirements and restrictions in place, you would think that truck accidents would happen rarely, but the truth is that they occur more often than they should.

As someone who was hurt in a truck accident, understand that you’ll have to prove that the driver or others were responsible for the incident. For instance, if you can show that the driver was weaving in traffic or entered your lane unexpectedly, you may be able to show negligence or recklessness. If so, you can win a claim and the compensation you need for your recovery.

It’s not just a truck driver who could be to blame. The trucking company could be to blame if it hired a dangerous driver. The truck manufacturer could be to blame if it created a vehicle with defects.

After a truck accident, keep in mind that you can seek compensation for many things. You could seek compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, a loss of companionship if someone dies, medical expenses and other financial and personal losses.

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