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How to make custody exchange comfortable for all

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Dealing with a custody arrangement is never easy. Even if you and your former spouse or the other parent of your child still speak, exchanging custody of the children can be stressful. You need to do everything possible to remove stress from the situation each time custody changes hands. You don’t want these exchanges to be awkward, tense or filled with animosity. They will only have negative effects on your children.

The best way to make the custody exchange an easy one is to find a comfortable place for it to happen. The most comfortable place for your child is likely his or her school. You can have a teacher with you, friends of the children or a school administrator if things might get heated between you and the other parent. Once you pick a place, be sure to stick with it.

Never be late for custody exchange meetings. This will only anger the other parent. Everyone has a busy schedule and your schedule is no more important than the other parent’s schedule and vice versa. Everyone needs to stick to the schedule to keep each other happy.

A third party being in attendance is also a good idea. A third party, such as one of the people mentioned earlier, could help keep the other parent busy while you unload the child’s belongings. The third party can help keep both of you separated or even occupy the child if a difficult discussion occurs.

Follow the tips outlined in this post to make the custody exchange of your children in Lincoln, Nebraska, easier for everyone involved. The less stress, the better each meeting will be, ensuring that your children are in good hands.

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