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Lyft and Uber help reduce drunk driving arrests in Lincoln

On Behalf of | May 18, 2018 | DUI/DWI/OUI

Any time there is a way to reduce the likelihood of people driving drunk, cities and governments need to do what they can to support it. That happened in Nebraska when both Lyft and Uber were allowed to operate in Lincoln.

With an increase in the availability of ride-sharing drivers, it’s easier than ever for people to get a ride to where they need to go. For people who are not confident drivers or who are intoxicated, ride-sharing services offer a product that is vital.

In Lincoln, Lyft began offering services in April 2014. Uber started just a few months later. Very interestingly, the Lincoln Police Department has noticed a significant drop in the number of people driving drunk in the city. According to their reports, the rate of DWIs has dropped by around 32 percent since the arrival of the apps’ services.

A survey performed by Lyft suggested that 88 percent of the passengers riding with them were likely to avoid driving while intoxicated because of the service. It’s easy to access, and it isn’t expensive. That means that more people can get a ride to where they want to go out at night without driving themselves there. Lyft and Uber both provie on-demand services, making it easy to come and go freely.

While this is good news, remember that having access to services creates one more reason you should not be driving while intoxicated. If you face allegations of a DWI, you need to work on a strong defense to protect yourself and your reputation from further damage.

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