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Steer-tire shock: When a steer tire blows

On Behalf of | May 24, 2018 | Truck Accidents

A steer tire, or one of the two front tires on a semitruck, helps the driver control the entire vehicle. While tire blowouts on the trailer aren’t always a big deal, losing a steer tire could result in a serious collision.

It’s extremely important that truck drivers know what to do if they’re driving when the tire bursts. Not taking the right steps could mean causing a serious collision instead of safely getting the vehicle off the roads.

What should drivers do?

Against everything you may think, drivers need to step on the gas instead of the brake. This causes the front of the truck to lift, picking the rim of the blown tire off the road. You can then steer with the good tire to get to the side of the road.

If a driver hits the brakes instead, the truck will pull to the side of the blown tire, making it harder to control. By staying calm and accelerating, the driver actually has better control.

Drivers caught in this situation need to be prepared. If the driver loses control, he or she could end up flipping the truck or crossing into traffic. If the truck blocks traffic, there is a high potential for others to crash into the vehicle, which would potentially result in serious injuries to the truck driver, vehicles’ drivers and passengers involved in the collision.

If you’re hit by an 18-wheeler as a result of a loss of control, remember that you can still make a claim. Any accident caused by someone else can result in an insurance claim.

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