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Red light accident leaves 1 car in flames

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2018 | Car Accidents

An accident at a red light in Nebraska left an SUV burning on the pavement, engulfed in flames. Reports show that the accident, which happened in Omaha, occurred when one vehicle drove straight through an intersection, heading north.

At the same time, another vehicle tried to turn south through the same intersection. This resulted in a head-on crash between the SUV and a van.

A witness claimed that the at-fault driver said “she saw the green turn arrow, but didn’t catch the red light. And she was very, very distraught over what happened. Very apologetic. Very worried, making sure everybody else was okay.”

The driver of the SUV was a 22-year-old woman with her father in the car with her. That driver had stomach pain and abrasions, but her father escaped without injury.

The van held the driver, the driver’s dogs and her son. The bystander who reported the quotes from the scene ran over and helped to pull them all out of the vehicle. Right after everyone was safely out, the SUV burst into flames. The witness said the vehicle was a complete loss in just five minutes.

This story really helps to demonstrate how fast an accident can happen and how one small mistake, such as looking at the wrong light, can lead to a devastating crash. This situation could have been much worse if not for the help of bystanders in getting everyone to safety.

Have you been injured in a car accident? If so, it is very important to know your legal options to seek financial compensation for medical bills and other related costs.

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