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Should you drink a coffee while you drive?

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2018 | Car Accidents

Every day, you stop by a coffee shop on your way to work. You need that shot of caffeine to get the day off on the right foot. You have a 30-minute commute anyway, so you figure it is the perfect time to drink your coffee before you even get to the office.

As common as this is, experts warn that it is a serious distraction. Anything that makes you think about an action other than driving your vehicle can lead directly to a wreck. The most common example may be texting and driving, but the reality is that food and drink also count as distractions.

Some researchers have said that the most problems occur with liquids that drip or spill on people while they drive. With coffee, there is the inherent risk of burns if it spills. Even if you don’t get burned, though, you’re on the way to work. You may instinctively react to keep coffee from spilling on your clothes. This can take your hands off the wheel and your eyes off the road.

If it does spill on you, you may try to wipe it up while driving. Researchers said that while drivers should safely pull over to do this, many of them don’t. Their schedules could have a lot to do with it. If you left the house with just enough time to get to work, are you really going to pull over and risk being late? Most people will not.

The truth about distractions is that they lurk almost everywhere, and they cause an incredible amount of accidents. If a distracted driver hits and injures you, make sure you know what legal options you have to seek out financial compensation.

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