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Student loans may be a good way to start that prenup conversation

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2018 | Divorce

Starting to talk about prenups with your significant other can be very difficult. You feel awkward. You don’t want to come across as someone who thinks the marriage is doomed or who only cares about money. If you earn more than they do, they might be insulted.

A good way to start the conversation without being insulting is to begin by looking at student loans. Use them as your reasoning, and you can point out how a prenup can be excellent debt protection. It’s not just about assets and income.

For instance, maybe you’re thinking about going back to grad school. You know it’s going to get expensive. You can tell your significant other that you want to use a prenup so that he or she does not have to take on any of your debt. They’ll see this as a positive thing. While you draft the document, you can also protect your assets and your income in the event of a divorce.

Or, perhaps they’re the one racking up a lot of debt in student loans. You could merely state that it makes you uncomfortable to take that type of financial risk with your future, but you also don’t want to stop them from living their dream. With a prenup, everyone wins. You get the protection from risk that you want, and they get the chance to live their life exactly how they want.

If you do decide to draft a prenup, it is important to know that it will really stand up in court. Make sure you know exactly what legal steps to follow.

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