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Is divorce coming? 10 red flags in any relationship

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2018 | Divorce

It is important to plan ahead for a divorce, giving you a chance to set yourself up for success after your marriage ends. But how do you know if the end is coming in time to plan?

The key is to look for red flags before your spouse actually files for divorce. These 10 examples could mean your relationship is going to end:

  1. When you say something they disagree with, your spouse tends to roll their eyes.
  2. They do not always respect your emotional or physical boundaries.
  3. They do not get along with your family; remember, you cannot change your family, so those conflicts may always exist.
  4. They try to pull you away from your friends, driving a wedge between you and your longest relationships.
  5. They are not kind to their own family members, including their parents.
  6. They insult you whenever the two of you disagree or get into an argument, rather than discussing things in a rational and mature manner.
  7. The two of you just do not have the same schedule, so you’re forced to sleep at different times and you spend a lot of time apart.
  8. They experience mood swings, and you never know what to expect.
  9. They have a history of being unfaithful in relationships, even if it hasn’t happened to you — yet.
  10. They keep secrets from you, or you keep secrets from them.

You can often feel a relationship starting to fray before it actually ends. As it moves closer to an official split, make sure you know all of the rights you have and what steps to take during the divorce process.

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