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Field sobriety test accuracy not high

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2019 | Uncategorized

Have you or someone you know recently been arrested for and charged with a driving while intoxicated offense in Nebraska? If so, you will want to educate yourself about the various elements of your case so that you can effectively protect yourself during the defense process. As is common in these situations, you were likely asked toperform some tasks before you were arrested, generally referred to as field sobriety tests.

As explained by, these three tests are not able to prove that you were impaired. Furthermore, none of these three tests are accurate in all situations. The eye test is the  most accurate and even that one has an accuracy rate of only 77 percent. The walk-and-turn test is said to be accurate in 68 percent of cases. The accuracy rate of the one-leg stand test is a mere 65 percent. Accuracy does improve slightly if all three tests are administered, yielding a combined accuracy rate of 82 percent.

Factors that may inhibit your ability to pass some tests even without being impaired include your weight and age. A person who is heavy or older naturally often has more trouble maintaining balance even if they have not been drinking. Bad knees, backs and ankles may also prevent you from passing these tests.

If you would like to learn more about the three tests used by law enforcement during a DWI investigation and how they may play into your case, please feel free to visit the field sobriety test page of our Nebraska drunk driving and criminal defense website.

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