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Ignition interlock permits in Nebraska

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2019 | DUI/DWI/OUI

People who live in Nebraska and are convicted of driving while intoxicated offenses may lose their right to drive for some time. They may, however, have the opportunity to regain their driving privileges if they install and use an ignition interlock device. These devices require a person to provide a breath sample prior to starting their vehicle every time. If the sample is clean, proving they are not under the influence of alcohol, the vehicle ignition is unlocked and they may drive.

The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles requires drivers eligible for this program to apply for an ignition interlock permit. They are not able to drive until the permit has been issued and the IID has been installed in their vehicle.

As explained by the Nebraska Legislature, a person who has to use the IID is supposed to pay for all costs associated with the unit. This includes the cost of the permit as well as the installation and rental of the ignition interlock device. There is a special fund available to help those people who are unable to pay these costs, but qualification criteria must be met.

Some drivers may also be ordered to wear a device that constantly monitors their alcohol use to confirm they are abstaining from alcohol. If they consume alcohol, they may lose their ignition interlock permit. If the courts believe that a person has tampered with an IID in any way, they may set a date for a hearing to review the matter.

Anyone with questions regarding the IID permit or eligibility requirements should contact their local DMV.


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