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Man rear ends vehicle, killing another driver and himself

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2019 | Uncategorized

Residents in Nebraska know that motor vehicle accidents can and do happen. This is one of the reasons that carrying automobile insurance is important so that people can be protected after these events occur. However, most people should be able to trust that other drivers operate their vehicles carefully so as to avoid collisions. Unfortunately, this does not always happen.

The Lincoln Journal Star provided some details about an accident that happened one day recently along a stretch of U.S. 26 near Bridgeport in Morrill County shortly before 8:00 a.m. For some reason that is not known at this time, a man driving a sport utility vehicle hit the rear of a pickup truck that was stopped at the time. The impact thrust the pickup truck across the highway and into the path of traffic coming the other direction.

One of the vehicles driving the other way was driven by a man who was a Nebraska State Patrol officer. The officer and the driver of the SUV were both killed in the crash. The officer was 51 years old and the other driver was 28 years old.

The driver of the pickup truck was a woman who was 60 years old. No details on her condition following the wreck have been released. Interestingly, she was stopped and waiting to turn into a cemetery at the time her vehicle was struck from behind. People who lose loved ones in car accidents or who experience serious accidents like this one may find it useful to speak with an attorney for help.


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